Business English / Essential A2

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The world of work – Vocabulary and Phrases


full-timefull-timefull-time – working for a standard number of hours (e.g. 40 a week)
I work full-time, which means that every day I start at 8.30 and finish at 5 pm.

part-timepart-timepart-time – working for less than the usual amount of hours, less than full-time
I only want a part-time job. I want to spend more time with my family.

a job/jobs (CN)a job/jobs (CN)a job/jobs (CN) – a paid position or a particular task
My job is to run the office smoothly.

work (UN)work (UN)work (UN) – what you need to do, what you do as an occupation, to get money
I have a lot of work to do.

to work for sb/sthto work for sb/sthto work for sb/sth – to have a job
She works for an engineering company.

a companya companya company – a business organization
This company sells computers and makes software.

to employto employto employ – to give work
My father's company employs 25 people.

employmentemploymentemployment – work
Many of my friends found employment in customer service.

unemploymentunemploymentunemployment – the number of people who don't have a job
There is a high unemployment in Silesia. Almost 40% of people don't have work.

to be unemployedto be unemployedto be unemployed – not to have a job
His brother is unemployed. He sits at home watching TV all day.

employeeemployeeemployee – a person who works for somebody
All the employees start work at 8.00.

employeremployeremployer – a person or company that employs people
This company is a very good employer. You get good money and the people are very nice.

to make an appointmentto make an appointmentto make an appointment – to agree to meet or visit at a specific time
You can't see the manager now. You need to make an appointment and come later

to take a holidayto take a holidayto take a holiday – to be away from work, e.g. for travel or rest
I'd like to take a two-week holiday in September. I'm going to Tahiti.

a business tripa business tripa business trip – a short journey connected with work
My manager sent me on a business trip to Slovakia to talk to our business partners.

to make a phone callto make a phone callto make a phone call – to phone somebody
If you want to make a phone call, you can use the phone in the other room.

a mobile phonea mobile phonea mobile phone – a telephone you can carry in your pocket and use anywhere
What's your mobile phone number? I will send you an SMS.

pensionpensionpension – money for people who are too old or too ill to work
My grandmother gets her pension by post.

a pensionera pensionera pensioner – a person who does not work anymore, because they are old
My grandfather plays chess in the park with other pensioners.

to retireto retireto retire – to stop working because of your age
He retired when he was 70 years old.

to have lunchto have lunchto have lunch – to go and eat something around midday
Would you like to have lunch with me?

a lunch breaka lunch breaka lunch break – a pause at work for a midday meal
When are you taking your lunch break? At 12.00.

office canteenoffice canteenoffice canteen – a place in an office or factory where you can get food and drink
I don't like the food in our office canteen. They always burn it.

to arrange a meetingto arrange a meetingto arrange a meeting – to plan, to organize a meeting
We arranged a meeting with the IT department for tomorrow.

to attend a meetingto attend a meetingto attend a meeting – to come to a meeting
Twenty people attended the meeting with the director.

high/low salaryhigh/low salaryhigh/low salary – money you get for your work
My salary is very low. I need more money.

a colleaguea colleaguea colleague – a person you work with
One of my colleagues showed me a few Excel tricks.

to laze aroundto laze aroundto laze around – to rest, to relax
He spent the afternoon lazing around the house.

a departmenta departmenta department – a part of a company doing a specific work
The IT department employs 5 people.

a reception deska reception deska reception desk – the area in an office or a hotel, where the visitors are welcomed and registered.
You can ask for my manager at the reception desk. He'll come and meet you there.

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