Study guidelines

Getting started

  • Play the placement grammar game – within several minutes you will reach the level corresponding to your knowledge.
  • Progress in the study of ENGLISH UNIVERSITY Online (choice of levels on the left).
  • At any time, you can digress to study a level of your choice in the Business English module, in the extensive Study Hall section or in the Exam Preparation module.


Completing the study with ENGLISH UNIVERSITY Online represents a full study of five language levels: ELEMENTARY, PRE-INTERMEDIATE, INTERMEDIATE, UPPER-INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED. Each level consists of 30 lessons and each lesson has 11 steps (pre-test, grammar lesson, exercises 1, 2, and 3, reading comprehension, vocabulary 1 and 2, check test, bonus listening exercise, study videos). The successful completion of each level is confirmed by a certificate.

A part of the course is a grammar game, the “Great Grammar Game”, which works in place of a traditional placement test. By playing it, you receive points, which can move you forward at the beginning of your study, as well as later. The lessons and levels you skip by successfully playing the game will open up for you and you will be allowed to go through them, review specific lessons and test yourself. This will not, however, have any impact on your score reached by your studying or playing the game.

Each lesson starts with the Pre-test and, based on your result, further stages will open up for you (exercises, tests, further lessons and levels). To come from a lower level to a higher one (ELEMENTARY – PRE-INTERMEDIATE – INTERMEDIATE...), you always need to pass the FINAL TEST. If you pass it, you will enter the following level; if you fail, you will return to the currently studied level and have to try again.

The tests and exercises in the lesson are evaluated similarly to the grammar game: the points obtained by correct answers are added up and, if the final score is at least 70%, you are allowed to go on. If you fail, you need to return and go on studying. After clicking the submit button, each test or exercise is evaluated, showing a summary with a detailed list of errors. Based on that, your progress in the study is either allowed or denied. The electronic evaluation of your study results is quick and exact. Take is as a positive challenge. Your success here means you really do know and you can do it.


The grammar game ("Great Grammar Game") consists of systematically generated and altered questions, where you fill in words or expressions. After starting the game, a sentence is displayed and you will try to fill in the right option within the given time limit. The game is divided into 15 levels, from GREENHORN to MASTER OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR. Each level has 10–30 questions and tasks. After successfully completing one level, the game stops and you can either continue to play the higher level or finish playing and return to studying in the lessons. You can find the structure of the game (names of game levels with equivalents of the study in lessons) under “Game Map” in the right column.

The time limit for one question varies at different levels. If your answer is wrong, you are given a new, grammatically similar question. If you fail again, you move on. The game is evaluated by success rate in percentage, when your points for correct answers and your points for time are added up. The game evaluation always shows up at the end of each game level. You can continue playing the game until you manage to pass the level. Then your points will be added up and you will be placed into the relevant level and lesson of the study with ENGLISH UNIVERSITY Online.

You can play the game only once a day. You can continue to play it again at any time on other days, from the level where you finished up. Your successful progress to higher game levels can move you forward in the study and you can skip several lessons and levels of the study. The lessons and level which you skip by playing the game will open up to you – you can go through them, review grammar lessons, exercises or test yourself. This review, however, will not have any impact of the number of points reached in your study or by playing the game.

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