Business English / Advanced C1-C2

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Banking and Finance - General Overview – Practice 2

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate word or phrase in the correct form.
  1. As you always forget to pay your bills on time, maybe you should consider arranging a direct with your bank?
  2. There has been some rumor about the two biggest Czech banks planning to next year and take over the East-European markets as one.
  3. Since I sometimes spend more than I have in my current account, I have arranged an .
  4. Banks‘ range between short-term credit, such as overdrafts or credit lines, and long-term loans, for example to buy a house or capital equipment.
  5. Margo was not able to pay off her student loan and so her parents decided to her out and paid to the bank all the money she owed.
  6. The company owed large sums of money to its contractors and had other , such as open credits and loans, which altogether made it a rather poor investment.
  7. Banks make profits from the or differential between the interest rates they pay on deposits and those they charge on loans.
  8. Internet and mobile banking are just two products in our rich .
  9. In some European countries there are banks which combine deposit and loan banking with share and bond dealing, investment advice, etc..
  10. Since he was unemployed and failed to pay off his previous loans with another bank, his low made it impossible for him to get a mortgage.

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