Study Hall / Intermediate B1-B2

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Practice test 1


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I. Choose the correct expression.
  1. He was transferred to another department without about it.
  2. I'll send you a message when I there.
  3. The film is definitely worth .
  4. I wish I her. She wouldn't have made such a mistake.
  5. Peter suggests to the cinema.
  6. Your request at the moment. Please wait.
  7. He is alleged the money.
  8. You can find it in Section 5.
  9. I him about it last week. Now it's too late.
  10. She'll manage that. She's used of herself.
  11. I thought you said you at six.
  12. The plane at 5:20 am.
  13. It's time she us the truth.
  14. It's typical her.
  15. They attend the meeting. It was not compulsory.
II. Fill in the missing words.
  1. You mustn't do that. It's strictly .
  2. How long have you thinking about it?
  3. The woman son got lost was crying.
  4. Tom's not that bright, he?
  5. James is not intelligent as Bob.
  6. What would you do if he tell you the truth?
  7. Please can you take me to station?
  8. Tom has known Sarah a long time.
  9. He came back we were having a row.
  10. Where did you buy the shoes? I can't get them .
  11. Can you imagine for another company?
  12. Jack to smoke a lot when he was younger. Now he smokes only occasionally.
  13. The issue is discussed in the parliament.
  14. I've been playing squash 1999.
  15. That's ok. Take your time. I don't waiting.

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