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Practice test 1

I. Choose the best expression.
  1. Keep the area. It's prohibited.
  2. I need to get with the project. The deadline is tomorrow!
  3. When we are on holiday, our neighbor looks our dog.
  4. I would like to be there by 10. It's high time to set .
  5. Why did he run me ? I hadn't done anything wrong!
  6. He is so evil-minded! He did it purpose.
  7. I used to suffer backaches.
  8. We have to work a new system. The old one doesn't seem to work any longer.
  9. This house reminds me the one I lived in when I was a child.
  10. She has already left home? It's 2 o'clock!
  11. I think you should do your coat. The wind is quite cold.
  12. The advantage living alone is that you can do what you like.
  13. We're running petrol. Is there a petrol station near here?
  14. Go it.! What are you waiting for?
  15. I came this book under your bed when I was cleaning. Is it yours?
II. Read the text and fill in the missing words. Use only one word for each gap.

Report: China aims for second manned launch in October

China is aiming (1) launch its second manned space capsule in October with two astronauts on a five- to six-day mission, (2) China Daily newspaper reported on Friday. Astronaut training has been stepped up in preparation (3) the flight, which will come two years after China first launched a man into space on (4) craft called Shenzhou V.

"The manned spacecraft (Shenzhou VI) will... preferably (5) launched in early October," the paper (6) Sun Weigang, director of the Space Department of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp., (7) saying. China (8) the third nation to send a man into space in October 2003 (9) astronaut Yang Liwei orbited the earth 14 (10) . Six candidates (11) the Shenzhou VI mission were chosen from a pool of 14 in December.

China's space (12) are ambitious. It hopes to be ready to set (13) its own orbiting space station (14) five years. The country also aims to have an astronaut perform a spacewalk (15) a planned Shenzhou VII mission, and eventually put men on the moon.

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